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GigaElk Software has long been available for contract work on both Custom Software and Website Design. We have been particularly busy lately, and have decided to make hiring us much easier.

So, if you have a winning idea for some software, require a custom project for your business, or maybe you are in need of a Website, why not click here and fill out a form.

T-Shirt and Journal

Thanks to our new official artist, Liz Burton, you can now get another great T-Shirt from the GigaElk Mall.
Or how about our new, sexy Journal, for all of your Journal type needs?

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When we developed BettaPad our aim was to make a useful Notepad replacement, with some handy extras for today's user. However, during its creation we came across several tools and ideas that were just not practical. Each one would make BettaPad bigger, and bigger until finally it was just too large a program to replace notepad.

BiggaPad continues where BettaPad leaves off. Here we are adding all of those things we had to leave out due to size constraints, and building on all of our ideas for further enhancements.

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Date Added
12-March-03 Updated the Templates function to give a more user friendly interface. It also allows you to add your own templates.
Sorry it took so long to update. We have been working on a new application which we will release just as soon as we have finished testing. So, look out for FileShread.
11-November-02 Replaced existing spell checker with "Dr-Fraud's Infernal Spelling Machine." (Don't ask. He names all his programs and components in similar ways. If it was up to him, BiggaPad would be named "Dr-Fraud's fortuitous text re-jigger." Or something similar. Now you know why we turn him off at night and stick him in the cupboard.)
28-October-02 Added syntax highlighting. This will come with some pre-defined syntax lists for specific languages (each language can be turned on and off as needed), and the ability to add your own optional lists. Currently though, BiggaPad only highlights C# and HTML code. We will add some more syntax lists if possible later.
26-September-02 Paused development while we re-locate. Back on 12-October-02.
18-September-02 Completed fully functional spell checker.
7-August-02 Translated BiggaPad into French (Thanks Lunatic). Now awaiting German and Swedish translations.
17-July-02 Microsoft Agent support so your documents can be read aloud to you by a friendly character. We are hoping to use this same technology to allow dictation of documents. (Though we have to buy a microphone first)
28-June-02 Fully featured Hex editor allowing you to read and write to files in Hex.

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