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Enter the world of survival horror as once again Resident Evil comes to our consoles. This time completely re-vamped on Nintendo's Game Cube.

Rather than just port the original game across to the Game Cube, Resident Evil has been completely re-made from scratch. The whole look and feel of the game has been updated and now looks spookier than ever. And not Scooby Doo spooky either. This is full on, blood & guts, walking dead, eerie noises and definately no rubber masks leading to "...and it would have worked too if it wasn't for you pesky kids!" These zombies are the real deal.

In Racoon city there is a mansion: It was here that the mysterious corporation Umbrella was conducting top-secret Biotech experiments. When contact with the scientists is lost, and reports start coming in of gory attacks in the surrounding Racoon City, two special tactics squads known as the S.T.A.R.S Alpha and Bravo teams are dispatched to investigate. Bravo team vanishes almost immediately, and Alpha team is chased into the nearby Spencer Mansion, where things don't get any better for them.

Playing as either Jill Valentine, or Chris Redfield, it is your task to find out what has happened in this mansion. Use any weapon at your disposal, and never leave ammo lying around. Take what you can, you're gonna need it. A single zombie is not too much of a threat if you have enough strength left in you, but in larger numbers they can easily over power you. Puzzles are often quite strait forward, but getting to them to solve them can often be very difficult. Zombies you thought were dead have a habit of getting back up. Door knobs can fall off leaving some doors one way only. And if that wasn't enough, ammo is often scarce.

Zombies are not the only threat though. In the grounds of this mansion you will find zombie dogs, deadly plants, and mutated creatures who's only interest is eating your brain.

Players who owned the original version wont be disappointed. This is almost like an entirely new game. Remember how all of the original zombies tended to look alike? Not this time, far more zombie designers exist, making this even more the realistic. New graphics and new rooms to explore, new puzzles and monsters, and of course new music, allow even the most dedicated Resident Evil fan to become fully immersed in this story all over again.


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